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Latest Release

A Starr Is Born) – 10 Years On

(A Starr Is Born) – 10 Years On Brandon’s latest traditional Scottish album. Brandon purchased Will Starr’s accordion from Ireland and this album is all recorded with this iconic 3 row Shand Mornino accordion. The title ‘A Starr Is Born’ Brandon’s very first CD recording was released when he was 11 years old. Some of the tracks on this album are re-recordings plus many more new recordings hence the title ’10 Years On’.

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About Brandon

2007 - Now

Band Leader, Lead Accordionist, Singer, Rhythm Guitarist in the Scottish Traditional and Country Music Band, "The Brandon McPhee Band."

2011 - Now

Lead Accordionist, Rhythm Guitar and Singer in Country/Scottish/60s Band, "Manson Grant & the Dynamos" - PAN RECORDS RECORDING ARTIST

5 Scottish CDs, 3 Scottish DVDs and 2 country music albums, the latter 2 having sleeve notes by Nathan Carter and Daniel O Donnell.

TV and Radio Appearances

Music Express (Sky Showcase TV) numerous occasions

BBC Alba as an Artist & Prize Winner numerous occasions.

Appeared on BBC Alba - Ceol Country 2012-2015

Hot Country TV Ireland (numerous occasions) winning the Johnny Cash Inspiration Award at Hot Country TV Awards 2016.

Facebook Hot Country TV Youtube

Also on in music section Hot Country Ireland.

Featured on Ireland West Music (Sky TV)

Brandon McPhee Show- Scottish & Country featured on Sky TV and Satellite on Keep it Country Channel Sky 389. Freesat 516 & Freeview 87.

Played for HRH Prince Charles and Camilla in Birkhall composed and presented a tune to the Prince – Birkhall Ball

STV 6 o'clock News-Special Feature

Featured on Radio Stations Globally as part of Hillcrest Canada.

BBC Radio Scotland-Numerous times

BBC Radio Scotland Live Broadcast

BBC Radio Gael-Numerous times

Caithness FM- Numerous times

Moray Firth Radio-Numerous Times

Moray Firth Live Transmit in to Bluewater Radio, Canada

Recently played at Dumfries House near Cumnock for USA sponsors and the Prince of Wales

Also played live on BBC Radio Ulster – Hugo Duncan Show


Caithness Music Festival First place 2007 & 2008

Lairg Music Festival 2008 & 2009 under 13s Accordion Solo

Lairg Music Festival under 16s 2010

Lairg Music Festival- Open Accordion 2008 & 2010

Junior Scottish Accordion Champion 2009

Button Box Accordion Open Scottish Champion 2009

The Royal National Mod Gold Medallist under19s 2010

Junior Scottish Accordion Champion 2011

Button Box Accordion Open Scottish Champion 2012,2013 & 2014

Royal National Mod Senior Gold Medallist 2012,2013 & 2014

Scottish Button Box Accordion Champion 2012,2013 & 2014

All Scotland Senior Traditional Accordion Solo Champion 2014

Johnny Cash Inspirational Award presented by Hot Country TV in Ireland

Further to all that, Brandon has released 5 vocal singles (country music) making the top 10 airplay charts in Europe and composed the signature tune 'Achnaclyth House' for Caithness Music Television, which Brandon presents on SKY TV, The tune was written by him and was his first composition and he has since written a number of tunes all having been sought after by his accordion peers. Brandon McPhee has even received Official Acknowledgement by the Scottish Parliament on his Achievements and played live at the opening of the Scottish Parliament appearing as their ‘local hero’ for HIS achievements in Scotland.

Find Brandon McPhee on TV

Freesat channel 516

Brandon McPhee and The Dynamos

Skychannel 389

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A Starr is Born
Born To Play
The Flying Scots
The Brandon McPhee Scottish Dance Band with Manson Grant
Live and Relaxed
Live and Relaxed - DVD
The Country Side
Scottish Champion
Brandon McPhee and his Band
Brandon McPhee in Country Song
(A Starr is Born) - Ten years on

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